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Scalar Network Analyzer or SNA is a form of RF network analyzer that only measures the amplitude properties. Effectively, a scalar network analyzer works just as a spectrum analyzer in combination with a tracking generator. When a tracking generator and spectrum analyzer are used together, their operation is electrically closely linked. Many SNAs from industry giants have been discontinued. 

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The popularity of scalar analyzers for network analysis measurements has declined greatly over the past ten years, as the usage of low-cost, accurate, and easy-to-use vector network analyzers (VNAs) has dramatically increased.

The unique measurement applications are Remote transmission, relection, and power measuring
applications. if we need not these fuctions. It can be replaced by VNAs, PNA series, ENA series, PXI VNA series and Fieldfox series from Keysight Technologies. Certainly ANWY can help you.


For RF frequencies below 3 GHz, a VNA costs only 40-50% of a comparable scalar analyzer system. The cost of a vector and scalar system are approximately equivalent for a 6 GHz measurement system. A 20 GHz vector measurement system is 1.5 times the cost of a scalar system, while a 40 GHz system is approximately 1.3 times the cost, and a 50 GHz vector system is only 1.1 times the cost of a scalar system. For millimeter-wave frequencies above 67 GHz in waveguide bands, scalar measurement systems still have a price advantage.

If you know what kind of scalar network analyzer you need, you can contact us. We can provide network analyzer to meet your requirement including that Basic measurement( Fast sweeps, Real time tuning capability, Transmission and Reflection simultaneously, S-parameter, Absolute power), Programming( Internal programming capability, Macro programming capability, Fast data transfer), Calibration( Adapter- removal calibration, SOLR, ECal support), Measurement and analysis( segment sweep, pass /fail testing, Waveform analysis command ), etc.

The frequencies of Scalar Millimeter Analyzer covers 10 MHz to 110 GHz.

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